High blood pressure is known to be a common disease among us regardless of age, gender and body weight. In order for us to fight this sickness, it is important that we understand what this illness is all about including the prevention and cure. This also includes being aware of the best natural blood pressure supplementsavailable.

Understanding high blood pressure

High blood pressure is also known as Hypertension. We experience hypertension when our blood flows to the arteries at a higher than normal rate. Our blood pressure is measured by a monitor kit that determines our systolic and diastolic pressure. Systolic refers to the pressure during your heartbeat while Diastolic pertains to the pressure while our hearts are resting in between these heartbeats. The measurement is always systolic over diastolic and the normal range for teens to adults are 120/80 mmHG.

Our blood pressure increases as we age. An increase in body weight is also a contributing factor. Generally, the pressure rises when we are currently engaged in an activity but it gradually goes back to normal once we stop what we are doing. This is normal.

There are many contributing factors to high blood pressure. Aside from genetics, body and age, our food diet directly affects this. Eating a balanced healthy diet will prevent or reverse this. It is important to follow a healthy diet especially if you are already diagnosed with high blood pressure. Add more veggies and food that are high in potassium. Avoid food that are high in sodium. An active lifestyle is also another way to combat this disease. Inject more activities and exercises in your daily routine. Walk more and go to the gym. Stress is also believed to be one of the culprits of hypertension. Learn how to manage stress and do more things that will help you relax. Yoga and meditation are some of the activities you can to take your mind off stress. It is best to do all of these things while taking the medications prescribed by your doctor. Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

Herbal supplements

There are also a number of best natural blood pressure supplements that you can avail in the market. However, it is crucial to seek your doctor’s advice first before buying or using any of these supplements. You can buy different herbal supplements over the counter. Although you should be aware of the possible side effects before taking it. Basil is an herb that is known to help lower blood pressure. You can add fresh basil to your daily meals such as soup, salad and pasta. Cinnamon also helps lower blood pressure especially people with diabetes. You can add it to your coffee or cereal. Garlic is a powerful ingredient that reduces pressure by helping your blood vessels flow freely. You can mix it up with other ingredients when cooking or you can chew it raw. Ginger controls blood pressure by improving the blood circulation. This can be used in many varieties. You can add it your soup, main dishes, desserts and beverages.

The best natural blood pressure supplements works well when taken regularly. However, prevention is always the best cure.