Going to the gym has its place in a healthy lifestyle of course but for a more enjoyable workout for your body and overall fitness you should consider mixing it up with a trip outdoors or to your local indoor rock climbing gym. The health benefits of rock climbing are fantastic and can be enjoyed by all!

Climbing For the Mind

Rock climbing is not only a fun and exciting past time but one of the best all round body workouts you can get. It not only works your body but it’s also a great workout for your mind because it is essentially a problem solving exercise that takes body control and a great deal of focus, much like yoga.

The stress of day to day life can sometimes make clearing the mind a very hard and tiresome task. Rock climbing forces you to focus your energy on the climb and nothing else.

It can be a fantastic confidence booster as well. Every time you climb, whether indoors or outdoors you improve. Each climb gives you a challenge and a new goal to reach for and achieving them gives you a great feeling of satisfaction each time. It’s a great feeling of fulfillment and pride when you complete a climb that you have worked on very hard.

Climbing For Strength

Whether fit as a fiddle or climbing for the first time, climbing will give you muscle ache. The total body workout from climbing is great! The pulling through with the arms and pushing of the legs will quickly get the blood pumping and build muscle strength. Climbing offers one of the best core workouts as it takes great core control to balance and manoeuvre your body into positions to get to the next hold. If you have had a bad back and tried everything consider going to a climbing gym and doing some light climbing. Over time you will build up the stabilizing (core) muscles which protect the spine and relieve pain.

Climbing For Flexibility

Yoga and climbing are very similar in the control of mind and body. And as with yoga, rock climbing on a regular basis will greatly improve your flexibility. The reaching for hand holds and foot holds really stretches out the muscles naturally.

Climbing For Weight Loss

Rock climbing can help you maintain a healthy weight as well as help lose weight in the first place. Once you see a few rock climbers, you will notice their lean physique. The combination of strength training and cardio is a killer combination to burn those unwanted calories fast!

Climbing For Cardio

Climbing is much like cross country running and can involve long routes that require stamina and endurance. Even in the gym you are looking at burning upward of 650 calories an hour. The cardio vascular benefits from this can improve metabolism, reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, give you more energy and also help you sleep better, just to name a few.

Climbing For Community

Most people may leave this off a list of rock climbing health benefits but I myself have met some great people through climbing and also made some good friends and had awesome times. That I feel has benefited my health and wellbeing enormously.

As you can see the health benefits of climbing are great for everyone. It is an activity for people of all ages and levels of fitness so try something new next time you want to go to the gym and give climbing a go!