If not helps, you could manually reset windows update components. Preview updates do not include security patches for Windows. The optional updates may introduce new features in Windows, fix bugs and issues, or make changes to existing features. In Windows 11, you can increase your multitasking and system performancewith Snap Layouts that group your windows and save them to the taskbar. Hover over the Maximize button and you can tile windows in various sizes. It keeps the traditional Snap feature, where you’ll need to manually tile your windows with a keyboard combination or by hovering to a certain side of the screen. Microsoft has updated Snap Layouts with even more functionality since launch, too.

To view Windows 10 crash logs, you can make use of the built-in tool Event Viewer, which keeps a log of application and system messages, errors, warnings, etc. You can follow the steps below to check Windows crash logs Windows 10 with Event Viewer. At the surface, it looks like creating logs from your application is enough, but logging without any kind of monitoring leaves you blind to what is going on under the hood. Suppose you have an issue with your application in which users are unable to finalize a purchase. You’re logging an event that explains the error to developers, but no one is aware of the issue in real time and your customers continue to have checkout issues.

  • In the image above, an error is highlighted among several “Information” events.
  • Other upgrades fix other Windows bugs and problems.

Hope they fix the drive assignment issue soon because WIN 10 ver 1809 is a real PIG on the Lenovo. Update took about 2hrs, no probs, running fine. But it’s still our responsibility to keep our systems updated and secure. Unfortunately, that may involve some risk as well as some additional work.

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Last but not least, Windows link Updates occasionally include fixes for known problems as well as new features. How do i do a clean install on a wimboot device like asus x205ta. I have the iso file on bootable usb but the boot menu doesnt recognize the usb device. The only option available is ” windows boot manager”which just starts the OS as it is. im running win 10 OS via upgrade from TP. Hardware drivers are the bits of software that enable hardware devices like your sound, Wi-Fi, graphics, printer, and other PC components. Hardware manufacturers sometimes release new versions of these drivers with bug fixes or other improvements.

Expect the update to take between 30 minutes to two hours. We recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to update at your convenience to avoid the automatic update that will be launched at 1 a.m. Windows 10 is optimized for better power management, so when your laptop battery is low, some devices could be turned off to save power. If you use this fix, be aware that you have to reinstall any VPN app on your computer and also reenter WiFi passwords.

The ‘Event Log Service is unavailable’ is a well-known Windows error. I have faced this issue on numerous occasions in my long Windows usage. Most of the time, the reason is either messed up file permissions or the inability of the Windows Log Event service to restart. As we mentioned, getting to the bottom of the BSOD can be challenging because the computer immediately shuts down with little to no warning.

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This setting allows you to defer the deployment of an update for one week. It’s available on all Windows versions, including Home and Professional. Hardware drivers are small sizes of software designed to help your device, as well as internal and external peripherals, function properly. These peripherals include the components that make your computer tick, such as your sound card, Wi-Fi card, scanner, printers, keyboard, and more. However, unlike third-party applications, Windows Defender gets its definition updates via Windows updates. This means that your computer can get definition updates anywhere from weekly to multiple times a day, which can make it seem like you have a long Windows update.