A man has got to do what a man has got to do. Unfortunately, this includes having to face the many gender-specific perils that threaten his health. The way his anatomy is built makes a man susceptible to a great variety of illnesses and disease that would put a damper on the enjoyment of his life. But again, a man will do what he has to do. And this should involve learning about the possible dangers to his health and taking appropriate steps to avoid or treat them. He shouldn’t only do this for himself, but for his family and loved ones as well, who wish to enjoy their time in this world with his company. Let’s take a look at the common health problems that endanger a male’s health. Baldness Often, hair loss is a genetic curse that a man has to suffer by virtue of his genes.

Certain factors expedite baldness, however. These include smoking, improper grooming regimens, nutrient deficiencies and the likes. Baldness involves the shrinking of the hair follicles, resulting in a gradual stoppage of hair growth. Baldness should not be taken lightly, however, as it could be indicative of a more serious problem like cancer, leukemia and other similarly fatal disorders. Prostate complications This group includes three disorders namely: Prostatitis or the abnormal swelling of the prostate gland; Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or the development of a tissue growth in the prostate region, a case common with old age; and prostate cancer, or the development of malignant cells in the prostate.

A telltale sign of prostate complications is difficulty in urinating, as the prostate is a series of glands that surrounds the bladder, and the bladder is the organ responsible for disposing liquid waste. Prostate complications should never be ignored, as they could severely degenerate and cause a variety of problems, including death. To prevent prostate complications, a balanced diet is necessary. To treat the same, various methods could be employed depending on the diagnosis of the physician. High blood pressure This often known as hypertension. It involves the exertion of too much force on the blood vessels. Several symptoms become manifest when a person suffered from high blood pressure.

Difficulties in breathing, unreasonable irritability, dizziness, and chest pains are just some of them. The sad thing about hypertension is that it can easily be prevented by deviating from harmful vices, engaging in regular exercise, eating a balanced diet and taking some supplements when needed. High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart attack. Impotence Impotence is the inability to maintain an erection to consummate the sexual act. This can be quite frustrating for men all over the world. Often, impotence is a natural effect of old age, but when it is experienced during the supposed peak of a man’s life, the common culprits would most probably involve harmful vices, unbalanced diet, and previous diseases. Impotence can now be treated through medication.

Conventional treatments include the intake or injection of essential hormones. Sometimes, however, impotence is a physical manifestation of a psychological abnormality, in which case, therapy is resorted to so that it may be cured. Infertility Infertility on the other hand is the inability to produce a child because of low sperm count. This can be genetically caused or it could also be an artificial result of a variety of reasons.

Infertility has no guaranteed cure, though some treatments hope to remedy this rather depressing disposition. Hormonal injections and surgery are among them. Often, however, a change in the preferred sexual position during intercourse has miraculously led to the conception of a child. Many still claim that ours is a man’s world. If there is an iota of truth in this statement, then a man has got to take the bull by its horns and determine his own fate. This includes taking a more active role in the determination of his good health.