Do you have minor tooth defects that you desire corrected? Your dentist can perform various procedures to add on your smile like closing spaces, reshaping, replacing missing teeth and teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry has significantly evolved with different procedures done, not only for cosmetic but to also improve your overall oral health. There are various services involved with cosmetic dentistry, but here I will be concerned with tooth reshaping also referred to as tooth contouring. Tooth Reshaping/Contouring If you have cracked teeth, chipped or irregularly shaped teeth that could be overlapping then reshaping is the right procedure for you to create a more attractive smile.Read More →

Xerostomia is a condition that is suffered by millions of people around the world and is clinically defined as a dry mouth, or “cotton mouth”, due to a lack of saliva. Anyone who has ever gone on a drinking binge is familiar with the feeling; the complete and total absence of liquid in the mouth that makes talking all but impossible. If you are unfamiliar with the feeling of dry mouth take a moment to breathe through your mouth, leaving it open in between breaths. All of the saliva present on the inside of your mouth will dry up, and you will be given aRead More →

strip away dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. This will leave your skin smooth and healthy. Growing old is something we cannot avoid and control. We cannot fight against the flow of nature. However, what we can do is manage and slow down the development of age in our skin and body. We can prevent the early signs of aging by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. There are a lot of natural anti aging remedies that we can follow in order to combat this. The earlier you start, the better chances you have of delaying these signs. There is still hope for manyRead More →

High blood pressure is known to be a common disease among us regardless of age, gender and body weight. In order for us to fight this sickness, it is important that we understand what this illness is all about including the prevention and cure. This also includes being aware of the best natural blood pressure supplementsavailable. Understanding high blood pressure High blood pressure is also known as Hypertension. We experience hypertension when our blood flows to the arteries at a higher than normal rate. Our blood pressure is measured by a monitor kit that determines our systolic and diastolic pressure. Systolic refers to the pressureRead More →

Nothing beats a beautiful smile and interesting enough, it all starts and ends with good oral hygiene. Indeed, the importance of healthy teeth can’t be overstated enough, but unfortunately, most of us are guilty of visiting the dentist only once per year – if at all you even do in the first place. It is of paramount importance to realize that lack of regular trips to the local dentist can lead to dire consequences including the risk of diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases among other illnesses. In short, it is in your best interest to make dental care a habit rather than a luxury asRead More →